Authorized Dealer of Strick Group (Cheetah Chassis, Strick Trailers and Evans Trailers)


Let’s be clear and sure: IMG International Commerce Co will ship the container chassis or other equipment you have purchased using the best transportation system at the most economical rate possible; therefore, you will receive the chassis and equipment in good condition at the most competitive price, it is a compromise and we will comply.

We commit ourselves to ensure to embark your equipment and arrive at the port on time and in excellent condition.

The overseas buyer’s main concern is how equipment will be moved and shipped from our yards in USA to the Port of shipping in USA or until the port of destination in his country; it is a delicate task that requires experience.
We are experts in this area, we use qualified Transportation and Logistics companies, a lot of times we deal with Steamship Lines directly. We will select the most economical way to move and ship your equipment; whether by highway, train or vessel or with combined system (Inter-modal).

We commit ourselves to ensure to ship your equipment so it will arrive to the port of destination on time and in excellent condition.

IMG International Commerce Co, will always offer the most competitive inland freight or ocean freight, before quoting you the equipment you need. As a result, it will bring you cost savings in the importation’s total expenses.


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